ShrinkWrap Resolver API 2.0.0-alpha-1

Package org.jboss.shrinkwrap.resolver.api

Interface Summary
Child<T> Represent a part of a fluent API which was spawned from parent type T.
DependencyBuilder<T extends DependencyBuilder<T>> Encapsulates access to a backing store or repository; Accepts coordinates intended to resolve to a set of dependencies.
DependencyResolutionFilter<F extends DependencyResolutionFilter<F,E>,E extends ResolutionElement<E>> Filtering encapsulation applied after elements are resolved
DependencyResolver<F extends DependencyResolutionFilter<F,E>,E extends ResolutionElement<E>>  
ResolutionElement<E extends ResolutionElement<E>> Marker interface for resolution elements
ResolverEntryPoint<T extends ResolverEntryPoint<T>> A marker for an entry point which can be instantiated using DependencyResolvers.use(Class) call.

Class Summary
DependencyResolvers Client entry point to resolve Archives from a specified DependencyBuilder

Exception Summary
ResolutionException Signals a failure during resolution of ResolutionElements.

ShrinkWrap Resolver API 2.0.0-alpha-1

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